2015 Student Housing Report

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Student Housing Cost Heatmap

At ABODO, we live and breathe student housing.

Every day we wake up and think about how we can make the search process a little bit simpler, how we can add more targeted inventory around the campuses we serve… how to get closer to the students that are experiencing the same stress that we all experienced when we were searching for our first apartment.

This is what motivates us. It’s what transforms what we do from a job to a mission – a mission to ease the pain of finding a great rental home.

Solving that problem starts with understanding it, completely.

For the last few weeks, we’ve been developing our first Nationwide Student Housing Report. We’ve compiled and analyzed data from our vast database of rental properties across the country. We’ve gathered pricing and amenities information for more than 1,000,000 rentals within walking and commuting distance of 490 university and college campuses across the country.

So, why do we care? Housing cost is a huge part of the total education expense that students undertake. In most markets, housing costs are a close second to tuition. In some markets, as our research indicates, housing is more expensive than tuition.

Previously, there was no simple way to get accurate, broad-based off-campus pricing data. We want to empower students with a tool to evaluate the cost, so we’re releasing this data to the public.

In addition to this raw data, we’re analyzing the data for other insights that we think will help us better understand our customers’ needs. You can learn more about our initial findings – including our list of most and least expensive school – and request early access to the in-depth report here.

Wanna see our list of most and least expensive schools?
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Student Housing Report