Driving Your Apartment Community Content With Google

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Your website may have a lot going for it. Quality images, floor plans and information about your amenities are just a few of the necessary things to create a positive experience for your website visitors. Search engines are crawling through your site and picking up information about your community. It’s a good start, but Google is […]

Three Must Have Lifestyle Apartment Amenities

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Today, the definition of household seems on the verge of a breakthrough. Doubled-up homes, where individuals are living with roommates or adult family members, have jumped to more than a third of U.S. adults in 2012, according to recent research by Zillow. “But there is a silver lining behind this data. Like a coiled spring, all […]

Six Tips for Using Images in Multifamily Marketing

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A picture is worth a thousand words… especially if you’re marketing a multifamily community. Images on your listing or within your social media posts can have a powerful effect on your brand. Potential tenants want to be able to visualize their new rental home. Quality images combined with descriptions can aid these potential tenants to visualize […]

Student Housing Cost Heatmap

2015 Student Housing Report

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At ABODO, we live and breathe student housing. Every day we wake up and think about how we can make the search process a little bit simpler, how we can add more targeted inventory around the campuses we serve… how to get closer to the students that are experiencing the same stress that we all experienced […]

Marketing to Millennials: Renters By Choice

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Once a renter, always a renter appears to be the mantra of Millennials. Today’s average renter, including the Millennials, appear to be choosing to remain renters versus taking the plunge into home ownership. “The Census Bureau reported this week that the rate fell to 64.3 percent in the third quarter, the lowest level since 1994. […]

How to convert renter prospects.

Three Events That Draw Tenants

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Marketing apartment complexes can be a challenge, in part because of the need to build a brand for a purchase being made only once every twelve months. Online marketing has value, but nothing beats events that bring potential tenants right to your doorstep, allowing them to envision themselves as part of your community. By combining […]

Four Ways to Motivate Your Leasing Staff

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When we explore marketing our communities, the discussion often turns to social media or listing services. Yet the front line might not even enter the picture. Who is the front line? Your leasing agents, those individuals who typically have the first human contact with your potential and current renters. Successful staff are excited to come […]

The Six Hottest Apartment Amenities

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As a current renter, amenities are important. Let’s face it, if your apartment community has a pool, community members aren’t the ones checking the chemical content or closing it up at the end of the season. So they enjoy the pool, but not the hard work, making it a convenient and fun addition to their […]

Social Media: The Appetizer of Online Marketing

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Social is the catchphrase of our world and any business owner will tell you their business thrives or dies based on it’s social presence or lack thereof. It’s no different with apartment communities. There are discussions and blogs about social media and how to use this medium to benefit your community. But no matter how […]

Understanding Apartment Marketing

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Graphic Source: HubSpot Marketing to potential renters involves understanding your audience, what they want and what they need, then giving it to them in a format meaningful for them. Marketing to apartment hunters involves more than a listing with your community’s amenities. It’s using the tools of the Internet and social media to convert a […]

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