The Art and Science of Marketing Apartments to Millennials

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Millennial Marketing

multifamily executive logoThis article was originally published in Multifamily Executive Magazine.

Effectively reaching Gen Y renters involves crafting a message with a tone and content they’ll appreciate while staying abreast of the trends affecting Millennials’ behavior.

If your apartment community is located around a university or college, chances are good Millennials are the lifeblood of your business.

Every year, a new cohort of young renters enters the off-campus market looking for a great rental home. And your community may be the ideal location for some of them. But the methods this cohort will use to find a new place may be very different from what their counterparts from just a few years ago employed.

Marketing to Millennials is quite literally one part art and one part science. The art of marketing to Gen Y, as they are also known, involves crafting a message with a tone and content that will resonate with this demographic and the world they know. The science of marketing to this demographic, meanwhile, requires that you know the trends affecting Millennial behavior.

When these two halves of marketing are combined, an appropriate message delivered through the right channels can be a powerful tool to begin, and later nurture, a relationship with a future member of your community.

You can read the complete article and access my list of 10 ideas to help you grab the attention of this core demographic on their own playing field on the Multifamily Executive website.

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