What Millennial Renters Really Want

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Student housing developers and operators are clearly upping the stakes when it comes to property amenities and services that appeal to today’s students – the highly tech-focused Millennial generation. Companies across industries from hotels to frozen yogurt shops are trying to figure out Millennials – what makes them tick and how to land their business. […]

Student Housing Cost Heatmap

A New Generation of Student Housing

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The student housing market has come a long way in the past 10 to 15 years. Off-campus property owners and developers started making a more concentrated effort to design and build properties that would appeal to student renters in the mid-1990s. That shift was motivated by the recognition that students are driven by different wants […]

Marketing to Millennials: Renters By Choice

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Once a renter, always a renter appears to be the mantra of Millennials. Today’s average renter, including the Millennials, appear to be choosing to remain renters versus taking the plunge into home ownership. “The Census Bureau reported this week that the rate fell to 64.3 percent in the third quarter, the lowest level since 1994. […]

Social Media: The Appetizer of Online Marketing

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Social is the catchphrase of our world and any business owner will tell you their business thrives or dies based on it’s social presence or lack thereof. It’s no different with apartment communities. There are discussions and blogs about social media and how to use this medium to benefit your community. But no matter how […]

Report: How Renters Search

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Free Report: “How Modern Renters Search” Abodo CEO & Co-Founder Alec combined results from surveys by Rent.com, Apartments.com and Rentbits.com to create one data-rich report on how modern renters search. The report covers: Print v. Web Usage How Renters Start their Search How Renters Search Using Google The Role of Mobile in Rental Search What Types of […]

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