Driving Your Apartment Community Content With Google

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Your website may have a lot going for it. Quality images, floor plans and information about your amenities are just a few of the necessary things to create a positive experience for your website visitors. Search engines are crawling through your site and picking up information about your community. It’s a good start, but Google is […]

Six Tips for Using Images in Multifamily Marketing

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A picture is worth a thousand words… especially if you’re marketing a multifamily community. Images on your listing or within your social media posts can have a powerful effect on your brand. Potential tenants want to be able to visualize their new rental home. Quality images combined with descriptions can aid these potential tenants to visualize […]

Social Media: The Appetizer of Online Marketing

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Social is the catchphrase of our world and any business owner will tell you their business thrives or dies based on it’s social presence or lack thereof. It’s no different with apartment communities. There are discussions and blogs about social media and how to use this medium to benefit your community. But no matter how […]

Millennial Marketing

The Art and Science of Marketing Apartments to Millennials

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This article was originally published in Multifamily Executive Magazine. Effectively reaching Gen Y renters involves crafting a message with a tone and content they’ll appreciate while staying abreast of the trends affecting Millennials’ behavior. If your apartment community is located around a university or college, chances are good Millennials are the lifeblood of your business. […]

Multifamily Social Media Marketing tool

Multifamily Social Media Marketing Guide

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The selfie and hashtags are social media staples. Everyday, billions of individuals get on the social media of their choice and post about their world view, favorite food, families and hobbies. Any number of Facebook pages include rants about landlords, government and any number of topics. Multifamily social media marketing is here to stay. As […]

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