Three Must Have Lifestyle Apartment Amenities

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Today, the definition of household seems on the verge of a breakthrough. Doubled-up homes, where individuals are living with roommates or adult family members, have jumped to more than a third of U.S. adults in 2012, according to recent research by Zillow. “But there is a silver lining behind this data. Like a coiled spring, all […]

Marketing to Millennials: Renters By Choice

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Once a renter, always a renter appears to be the mantra of Millennials. Today’s average renter, including the Millennials, appear to be choosing to remain renters versus taking the plunge into home ownership. “The Census Bureau reported this week that the rate fell to 64.3 percent in the third quarter, the lowest level since 1994. […]

Millennial Marketing

The Art and Science of Marketing Apartments to Millennials

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This article was originally published in Multifamily Executive Magazine. Effectively reaching Gen Y renters involves crafting a message with a tone and content they’ll appreciate while staying abreast of the trends affecting Millennials’ behavior. If your apartment community is located around a university or college, chances are good Millennials are the lifeblood of your business. […]

Report: How Renters Search

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Free Report: “How Modern Renters Search” Abodo CEO & Co-Founder Alec combined results from surveys by, and to create one data-rich report on how modern renters search. The report covers: Print v. Web Usage How Renters Start their Search How Renters Search Using Google The Role of Mobile in Rental Search What Types of […]

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